Nespresso Vertuoline Review - Pre Packed Espresso and Coffee for a tight Schedule

Nespresso Coffee Maker

The Nespresso Vertuoline espresso maker and coffee machine is a great option if you want your espresso ready done. If you're a doctor or medical resident working crazy hours and drinking lots of coffee, then you may not have the time to measure or grind your coffee to make fine quality espresso, cappuccino, or latte. But you still want great quality espresso or coffee. However, you barely have time to sleep. In that case, the Nespresso Vertuoline coffee maker is for you. I know about the nespresso coffee maker from first hand knowledge. I have a daughter who is a fourth year medical resident. She is not yet at the stage where she is making a good salary, but she was spending a fortune at Starbucks buying coffee and lattes on a daily basis. She came home for Thanksgiving and was so fascinated with the Nespresso coffee machine that she ordered one from Amazon and had it shipped directly to her apartment. Nespresso Machines

Nespresso Vertuoline Pods

This nespresso vertuoline machine uses little round pods or capsules already packed with finely ground espresso coffee. There is no work, and no mess. You can buy the capsules ready made with many different flavors of coffee. The capsules are bar-coded. The bar code tells the machine what size espresso or coffee to make. There are a variety of espresso and coffee sizes. These include 1.35 fluid ounces for a single shot of espresso and 2.70 fluid ounces for a double shot. The regular coffee sizes are 7.77 fluid ounces and 14 fluid ounces for a jumbo cup of coffee. The capsules or pods come in a variety of flavors for each size. If you add an electric milk frother, then you can not only make espresso and coffee, but you can also make latte and cappuccino at home in your own kitchen. The machine brews your espresso or coffee literally in a few seconds. If you're making a latte or cappuccino, then, it's best to put your milk in the frother before you brew your espresso because the frother will take a little longer to heat up and froth your milk than the Nespresso machine takes to brew. The pods are disposable, or, if you're environmentally conscious, they can be recycled.

How the Nespresso Coffee Machine Works

The way the machine work is quite simple. You have two containers that fit onto either side of the machine. On one side, there is a water container or reservoir. You fill this container up with water. The machine draws from this water supply to brew your coffee. On the other side the other container has an opening. This opening is designed to catch the pods as they are ejected after your coffee is finished brewing. It's quite a neat design.

Variety of Nespresso Coffee Pods

With one of these machines, you can do anything a home to satisfy your Starbucks coffee crave. You can buy your caramel or other flavoring and custom make coffee anyway you like it. There are also many Nespresso vertuoline capsules to choose from. These include Dark Roast, Nordic Black, Nordic Cinnamon Swirl, Diavolitto, Alto, Intenso, Nordic Vanilla Princess Cake, Cafe De Cuba, Bianco Forte, Bianco Leggero, Mexico, Columbia, Dolce XL, Stormia, and many more.

Nespresso Vertuoline Self Cleaning Machine

This is a self-cleaning coffee maker. So when you first get it, you have to run it in auto cleaning mode. You should also clean the water tank once in a while. That is not auto-cleaned. In order to clean the machine, just press it down, lock it, and press this button three times.

Make sure you put the tray on, it's going to drop a little bit. The cleaning operation takes about five minutes and within two minutes, you'll see things dripping. Cleaning the parts is pretty easy. So if you are a coffee drinker, this thing is definitely worth purchasing. Like I said, my daughter used to buy Starbucks coffee every single day, and that is like..2, 3, or 4 dollars per coffee. The machine pays for itself in about two weeks' worth of Starbucks. You buy more pods when you like.

That is not too bad, and you are getting really good high quality coffee and espresso and other things.